Powering great places to work starts by powering our own


Inc. 5000

We have been featured as the #1 fastest growing tech company in Montana on the Inc. 5000 list


Great Place to Work

We have been awarded a “Great Place To Work” certification


To ensure our own path as a company is aligned with our overall goal of helping our clients be great places to work we focus on three areas: Purpose, Path and Play.  Purpose is our shared mission, the direction of our company.  Path is how each individual can grow and develop in parallel to company growth.  Play is making sure the ride is fun and enriching.


Building a great place to work starts by defining the purpose of the organization and the purpose of each individual’s contribution toward the overall mission.  For Wisetail our purpose is creating innovative learner-focused technology and ensuring our client’s success with unparalleled support and positively impacting Montana.  Everyone’s individual purpose is completely in line with this company mission.

Wisetail team - pointing to sign.


Once you have the purpose in place you must lay down a path to accomplish your goals.  Most organizations can talk in-depth about the big picture, about where they are going as a company – and it’s important to do so.  At Wisetail, we feel moving beyond this showing each person how they can grow professionally and where they move within Wisetail is essential.  Beyond that we believe in challenging our people to grow and rewarding them for driving their own development, both professionally and personally.



We build play into everything we do here at Wisetail.  We believe wellness falls into the category of play and we take an innovative approach by adding a choose your own wellness program and Wisetail Hot Lap challenge to our conventional health care plan.  We have a quarterly adventure program where winners are reimbursed for epic journeys.  Our most recent addition to the Wisetail Play quiver is a fun new recognition program called Wisebird which we created to foster peer-to-peer recognition.


Proudly Independent

We’re an independent software company.  We have zero financial backing from outside investors, which means our only stakeholders are our clients and ourselves.  This allows us to make decisions – both about the direction our company and the development of our product – that are 100% aligned with our goal of powering great places to work.

Emotionally Connected

Everyone has experienced the difference between a company with an emotional connection to its employees and one without that connection. For our clients, being a great place to work is a competitive advantage that drives performance, growth, and brand. We believe great companies help employees learn effectively, grow personally, and connect broadly – all while receiving meaningful recognition. Before Wisetail, finding a solution to support these values meant cobbling together a variety of not-quite-right eLearning, intranet, portal, and recognition systems.

Unique SaaS Tools and Expertise (The Real Secret Sauce)

Wisetail products and services exist as a single, integrated solution to drive learning, teaching, communication, employee engagement and recognition. We’ve been called a next generation Learning Management System (LMS) and a social eLearning system – but in reality we are something new, different and in a lot of cases, better. For the right organization, where traditional tools just don’t work, the nuances of our solution and our approach make a dramatic impact.

Perpetual Beta

We are structured to celebrate these innovations and truly partner with our clients as co-creators. We believe these decisions give us a significant advantage over our competitors today and into the future.

Our Roots are in Business  |  Just Like Yours

The original Wisetail solution was created in 2008 to address real-world engagement, training, communication and retention challenges in a growing experiential retail business owned by our Founder. We realized early on that it takes different tools to create emotional connections with restaurant, retail and hospitality employees than it does with those from more traditional industries. Our experiences since have put us in a unique position to understand what drives success in a business like yours.

Invested in our Home

We love Montana.  We love the mountains, the snow, the rivers, and the hard-working Montana work ethic. Beyond loving our home, we respect it’s powerful rejuvenating quality.  We work hard and escape to to the far reaches of our states to replenish our reserves.  Actually, we feel like our location is a competitive advantage against our software brethren in hectic places like Silicon Valley.  Finally, we’re invested in our home – our philanthropic efforts are centered around building strong Montana communities and we want grow our company here to bring more jobs and success to Bozeman.  Because as Wisetail wins, Montana wins.

We admit, it’s a lofty goal- powering great places to work. But we’re up to the task. We believe the first step in helping our clients to be great places to work is by continually striving to be one ourselves. Our philosophy – our belief in people, hard work and community – is directly reflected in our product. It’s not how we build our software, it’s how we build our company.