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Buying an LMS is Like Dating

Now and again we ask our clients if they would like to write a piece for us to share with the greater LMS world. We ask them to write about anything that’s on their mind and we see where it goes. In this case, anything turned out to be a very insightful and entertaining perspective connecting the purchase of an LMS to another of life’s more stressful experiences: dating.

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Articles, LMS Best Practices

3 Design Takeaways from Apex3

In late October we welcomed over 80 passionate people from over 40 companies to Bozeman for our 3rd annual user conference Apex3. Together we spent two days diving deep into several areas we felt are vital to creating and powering a great place to work. The first topic we covered was design. Below are three dynamite design takeaways from Apex3 we wanted to share with anyone who couldn’t make it and the world at large.

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