The Wisetail LMS | Designed to capture the heart of your learners

The Wisetail LMS allows you to build your brand, communicate your culture, and grow your community within a world-class Learning Management System. We built our system to do all three in addition to all the necessary functionality you need in a LMS.


When you create a learning environment that looks & feels like your organization does in real life, you’ve laid the foundation to forge an emotional connection with learners while they develop professionally. Each Wisetail LMS implementation goes through a custom branding process, resulting in a unique identity aligned with the company brand. We believe your LMS shouldn’t just be another piece of technology, which is why we go to great lengths to make it a true extension of what makes your organization special.

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Your LMS touches every person in your organization, from new hires learning the ropes to seasoned leaders continuing to grow. Wisetail LMS allows you to communicate your culture in the same place you’re developing your people. Showing people the purpose behind their work and how their individual contribution plays into the big picture is one of the most powerful tools to build employee engagement.  It’s why we’ve seamlessly woven tools and functionality to build your culture into the Wisetail LMS

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The final key element in driving engagement through your LMS is creating an authentic community. The Wisetail LMS allows each user to be a part of something bigger and to make personal connections with peers and leaders throughout the organization. We’ve built powerful tools and functionality into our LMS to cultivate a community. Far from the isolated experience in a traditional LMS, our system breaks down the walls and connects people with people.

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 The Original Learning Ecosystem

In 2009, long before “Learning Ecosystem” became a learning & development buzz-word, we chose it as the name of our LMS product. We selected Learning Ecosystem (LE) as the name of our product because it represented the next step in the evolution of online learning. The traditional LMS experience is a static one-way flow of information from the company to the learner. A Learning Ecosystem is a living breathing thing, a community of individuals participating in two-way communication and social learning in addition to traditional learning paths.

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