Our LMS is for innovators who believe building a people-first culture is the most important driver of success for the modern workforce.



Software PLUS strategy, service & content. A true extension of your L&D department.



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Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) employees Juniper and Cece.


Build your culture as you develop your people. Learn more about our Learning Management System.

Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) employee Ray viewing the Wisetail LMS.


eLearning that looks & feels like your organization does in real life. Find out more about our custom branded lms.

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Learners engage as part of an authentic online learning community. Read more about our social & collaborative learning management system.

The only Learning Management System for companies in the restaurant, health & fitness, franchise, and retail industries that are committed to building great places to work.
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eLearning should be a continuous, immersive experience where each learner is invested in their own development. Our LMS provides that.


The lasting partnerships we form with our clients go much deeper than our award-winning LMS. We forge relationships through our Client Experience (CX) department by providing endless strategy, service, and support. Our Wisetail House Media team helps our clients create rich, engaging educational content that helps learners care just as much as it educates them. We’re so much more than a software provider. We are an extension of our clients’ Learning & Development teams, and a committed partner in helping them achieve their goals. Our learning management system is designed for you.

Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) employees Matt and Evan.
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) employees Jason, Courtney, and Moriah.

An LMS That Creates Great Places To Work

Being a great place to work is the most crucial driver of success for every organization in the modern world. Organizations that reward their employees with transparency, honesty, the opportunity for growth, and a high-trust culture will thrive. Organizations that don’t will fail. L&D has the biggest opportunity to impact how organizations become a great place to work, and we partner with them by providing the best LMS.


“We aspire to create a community where our team members are engaged & trained in a way that builds an extraordinary experience. Wisetail is central as we enter a new era of training, employee learning & ongoing efforts to communicate our core values to our team, communities & guests.”

Alison Smith, Caribou Coffee

Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) client Caribou Coffee.

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