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Wisetail empowers people strategies to turn companies into communities of brand loyal employees, customers, partners and vendors.

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We are a learning and development leader with a different vision. We support and strengthen every learner to ensure every customers’ brand promise is delivered to their people, and the world. We view learning as the path to a stronger culture, a greater brand, and as vital to building communities of employees, customers, and partners.

Our LMS and LXP software solutions foster communities of sharing, blended learning at its best, nearly limitless content building and authoring, and learning insights that drive results. Administrators and learners can enter a seamless experience of learning and growth in an environment that’s totally yours and theirs — anytime, anywhere. From front-line workers to sales and marketing, from the C-suite to partners and customers, we are here for you.

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Award-winning software. Top-notch client experience. An ever-expanding company community. Meet the creative, talented, and passionate people of Wisetail.

Meet the Team

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Great software and technology are nothing without forward-thinking innovation. Check out our news and press page to learn how the Wisetail Community is leading LMS and LXP transformation.

Wisetail Sees Success for its LMS and LXP

Wisetail and its customers were named a winner or finalist by three different award programs in the second quarter.

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A Clear Picture: Strategy Driven By Learning And Development

By creating a Learning and Development strategy, you'll position your company and your employees for success now and in the future.
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