Smoothie King

Streamlining franchise training with Wisetail.

Wisetail is more than a Learning Management System for Smoothie King. The Blend, their LMS, is part of their daily operations, a platform for everything from training new team members to engaging franchisees.


“It takes the difficulty of training and understanding what we’re doing as a company and as an organization out of the hands of someone that may not be able to explain it really well, to hey let’s go to The Blend. It gets you a whole wide world of Smoothie King at the click of a button,” says Jerome Williams, Operations Consultant.


The Blend helps Smoothie King and their more than 900 locations around the world stay connected with the organization’s values and mission.

“We’re getting multiple contributions every day,” says Margaret Jackson, Director of Training & Development. “It’s people. They love that they can put something out there and others have the ability to give them a high five or to rate them five stars or comment on a congratulations.”

“It gets you a whole wide world of Smoothie King at the click of a button.”

Jerome Williams, Operations Consultant


The Blend has done more than just improve the way Smoothie King communicates their culture. It holds all the tools needed to grow and develop a career within the organization.

“For someone who is maybe at a team member level, but they want to grow further, The Blend has given them the opportunity to do that,” Margaret says. “(The Blend) is a place for people to gain knowledge, but it’s also community. It’s the Smoothie King community.”