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Essential Guide to Branding and Design in your LMS

Design and branding have always mattered at Wisetail. After all, Wisetail began shortly after DVDs of custom training material were found propping up a wobbly table rather than being used. The thought was that if training is delivered in a way that looks and feels like a company’s brand, with an inviting layout, then people would actually use it. 

In this guide we will take you through:

  • Why design matters
  • Design thinking priciples
  • Best Practices for design in your LMS
  • Design resources to get you started

Sneak Peak

Design Drives Engagement

This is a success story about how one of the best restaurants & brewhouses in the country saw employee engagement jump dramatically after paying careful attention to the graphic design, layout and branding of its learning management system. In other words: this is a real world example of how design drives engagement.

BJ-Brewhouse design drives engagement
design thinking steps

Design Thinking

Use the five steps of design thinking to create a human-centered approach to creative thinking and problem solving in your LMS.

Case for Captions

Learn how to use free tools to create video captions in order to obtain more views, increase engagement, and maximize the return on your investment.

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lms design best practices

LMS Design Best Practices

Practicing what you preach isn’t always as easy as it sounds. We took a step back and re-branded our internal LMS to follow our design best practices.

7-Step LMS Rebrand

Rebranding your LMS is daunting, but Matt Bassuk, instructional design manager at Urban Plates, found that a solid 42 percent of his seven-pronged rebranding approach was full-on fun.

urban plates lms rebrand

Design Resources

Here’s a curated list of some of our favorite tools for creating learning content. Skim through and see what you can use to improve your training.

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