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Superior product knowledge and premium customer experience are yours with our training solution.

Wisetail's LMS for retail works to train and onboard store employees and staff quickly and efficiently.


Better Customer Experience

Teach soft skills and improve product knowledge from Managers to Sales Reps. Your customers will experience the difference with staff engaged to meet their needs.


Ensure Brand Consistency

Maintaining your training material and communications from one central location ensures up-to-date messaging and timely promo roll-outs across all retail locations.


Easy Access to Training

Wisetail provides your organization an intuitive, easily searchable system so employees can find the product and service information they need, when they need it.

Find & Share Best Practices

In retail, product knowledge is everything. Boost sales with supplemental training material, and sustain that increase over time. Wisetail’s search and content organization features help employees quickly find answers to their questions, and even share their successes and establish best practices.

Wisetail LMS for retail shows a shopper looking at a jacket.

“You just don’t see that kind of engagement in retail over the high volume holiday sales season. These numbers exceed what we originally thought possible. It shows us that people strongly desire to develop as professionals and become as knowledgeable as possible in their positions. They’re also going on there and recognizing each other for a job well done.”

Steven PotratzTraining Manager at Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply


It’s easy to grow with Wisetail – be it adding new locations and onboarding employees, expanding your inventory, or adding to your training library.

Reduce costs

Get new hires up to speed in less time. Wisetail LXP can reduce time to productivity by 40%. 

Digitize Operations
The Wisetail LMS for retail displays an iPhone with content for a retail business.

Adapt to seasonal fluctuations

With faster, more effective onboarding, you’ll be able to quickly onboard seasonal employees who’ll be ready to help you capitalize on shopping surges – or quickly deploy refresher courses for returning summer employees.  

Increased customer satisfaction

Wisetail helps boost brand and community engagement within your workforce, and when employees are passionate about their jobs, customers feel the difference. 

Wisetail LMS for retail shows a shopper looking at a jacket.

“At Bailey Nelson, we have recently conducted our engagement survey internally and there were so many comments about what a difference BN Ocular (hosted on Wisetail) has made to optical learning, streamlined communications for things like the weekly newsletter and on-boarding consistency for new team members. BN Ocular has helped Bailey Nelson feel like a place where there is a world of opportunity but small & connected at the same time.”

Prue FreestoneHead of People at Bailey Nelson

Benefits of Wisetail’s Retail LXP

Share Brand Experience

Build your LXP to reflect your organization’s brand and values so that your employees share them with your customers, with every interaction.

Rapid Deployment

Easily implement and manage your LXP using our intuitive Admin Tools. Deploy, observe, iterate; constantly improve and quickly push updates to the entire system.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Wisetail works on all devices, whether Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet. We’ve designed our responsive platform to feel familiar for the modern user.

One-Stop Shop

As the source for product training and company information, your LXP acts as a central hub for your workforce. Easily integrate with your digital ecosystem; HRIS, payroll, and other critical tools.

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Retail Case Study

In the 15 months since L&M Supply launched their sales challenges on their LMS, engagement has never fallen below 80%. Find out how L&M Supply empowered their employees to take ownership over their sales techniques.

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