2016 Wisetail Way Award Winner: SoulCycle


Amazing. Inspired. Unparalleled L&D Innovation.

We’re excited to announce SoulCycle as the winner of our 2016 Wisetail Way Award. We created the Wisetail Way Awards to celebrate innovation in learning and development, all of which mostly takes place behind the scenes. With its branding, community building, content, and more, the SoulCycle team is truly powering a great place to work.

“Before we had The Wheel, we didn’t have a place for all of our teams across the country to come and have one repository of information. And now we have a place for announcements, trainings, and information. And most importantly, for our brand, for recognition, and celebration. All in one place.”

Melanie Whelan, CEO

“When it comes to internal communications—not only within our own studio, but other studios, and even corporate—if you have any questions, it’s the perfect tool to use.“

Daniel Szymczyk, Front Desk

“The Wheel is almost like a central heartbeat for our employees… [It’s] where you go if you have a question and you’re looking for an answer.“

Jack Meyer, Manager of Training Operations

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