APEX6 Recap: Whole You Panel

Join L&D leaders from On the Border, Karl Strauss, and Wisetail as they discuss the employee experience and the concept of the 'Whole You.'

At Wisetail, we want to maintain an overall focus on empowering a culture that strives to be a great place to work. We acknowledge that our employees’ lives extend beyond the office, so we endeavor to provide creative ways to not only retain our talent – but invest, support, and advocate ways to help each individual grow personally and professionally. Thus, the ‘Whole You’ framework was born.

Whole You is a regenerative program designed to bring relevant topics to the surface that account for not only what happens at the office, but in life in general – so your teams can be their best at work and at home. Whole You brings together subject matter experts on topics such financial well-being, effective leadership, and other essential skills like public speaking and time management as well as providing a platform for your teams to share and learn from others’ real life experiences. Whole You is a resource for continued learning.

We’ve found Whole You is a great way to disconnect from the day-to-day grind, to give folks the opportunity to connect with others from outside their department and stretch our brains in new ways. Ultimately, our goal is to provide creative ways not just to retain our talent – but truly invest in our people, support their interests, challenge them and strive to find something that sparks an interest in each individual to grow personally and professionally.

At this year’s Apex Conference we brought together:

Cherie Neyrey – Vice President of Training & Strategic Implementation at On The Border, Ashley Vevoda – Learning & Development Manager at Karl Strauss, and our very own Courtney Fitzpatrick – Learning & Development Lead at Wisetail to get their insights on one simple question:

What does the concept of “Whole You” mean to you and your organization?

Watch the video below to see how these organizations are using different methods to empower their employees both in and out of the workplace.

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