Buying an LMS is Like Dating


Now and again we ask our clients if they would like to write a piece for us to share with the greater LMS world. We ask them to write about anything that’s on their mind and we see where it goes. In this case, anything turned out to be a very insightful and entertaining perspective connecting the purchase of an LMS to another of life’s more stressful experiences: dating. In the spirit of the trust tree, we’ve removed the author’s name to protect the innocent. Read on and you’ll know why.

Navigating the field of Learning Management Systems out there can be daunting.  When thinking back to several years ago when I was compiling my list of wants for a new LMS, I found myself creating an even larger list of the things I didn’t want.  You see I had been burned before.  Choosing an LMS is a lot like dating.

 The chemistry has to be there

Right off the bat, I could not take my eyes off Wisetail. I didn’t want to be too taken in by its initial charm and to remain objective and in possession of my skepticism (as software salespeople cannot be trusted).  But as I tested the waters with each new platform, I kept comparing them all to the first one I had my eye on. With Wisetail, most of the features I wanted were there and some were not. But I could see the future and it was exciting. The level of support and innovation that came with this package was the key selling point.

Alas, it’s not all about the looks, but rather the substance

At first glance, it was beautiful.  But as we all know in dating, that can easily be a stumbling block.  Beyond the veneer there has to be true substance.  You see there is no perfect LMS.  There is no system that does everything we want – because what we want and our field as LMS pros are both ever-changing.  So what we really need is a partner that will grow and change with us.

We have to be able to deliver a wide variety of content. We have to be able to track, track, & track. And with that, create dynamic and easy to access reports.

These are the non-negotiables.  Everything beyond that is icing.  Once Wisetail showed us that these needs could be met – and done so exceptionally – we were ready to begin.

Communication and trust are the keys to a lasting relationship

After the initial implementation, I feared I would be on my own.  I would be alone to take this thing we had created and try to manage it into fruition.  In fact, I had more questions, concerns, and ideas than I had walked in with because now that I had seen what the system could do, my brain was bustling with new ideas and crazy theories.  With past systems, when I had challenged the norm, the response was quite singular, “We can’t do that.”

The Wisetail response has been, “let’s give it a shot.”

Smart Phone = Smart Content

You can make great eLearning content. It’s easy. The tools are already in your hands. Check out our video for how you can make amazing videos by using only your smart phone.

Our CX rep is in constant contact with us.  We touch base weekly, and when things come up in the interim, we have never been left hanging.  In short, I can trust that my needs will be met in a timely manner.  Wisetail has been approachable and empathetic from start.  The open communication has allowed us to grow together.

Meeting the family

We unveiled the new LMS system to a small group of 50 GMs and executives at our annual conference.  We had gone through the three month implementation.  Everything was in place, but I will admit that I was nervous.  Who was this stranger I had brought home?  I did not want my colleagues to see this as simply another system they would have to get to know so the key was in highlighting how this would make their lives better.

In it for the long haul

We are early into our second year with Wisetail and the momentum has continued to grow.   We deliver and track the vast majority of our eLearning content through the Wisetail system to a large population of employees.  Our new partner company has seen what our LMS can do and are joining in with their full company-wide implementation early this summer as well – aka growing the family.

Thank you to the Wisetail team for all of their support and providing a system that allows me to create the type of learning environment and culture that is right for our family.