How to Use Your LMS On Holidays

Jason Bacaj | 4 min read

If you want people to engage with your learning platform, it helps to give them a reason to log on. Holidays are a low-hanging fruit, just ripe for driving engagement.

We put our heads together with the Client Experience team to find a few examples of folks who’ve done a particularly good job with themes.

Each example is from a Wisetail learning management platform, obviously, but the concepts apply whether you’re a current client of ours or using another modern LMS. Check out the examples, and reach out to us if you know if you’ve come across other useful tips and tricks to drive employee engagement around specific events.

Wisetail LMS client Mario Tricoci uses their LMS to show their support of Pride Month in June.

Mario Tricoci: a Holistic Approach

Mario Tricoci provides a great example of crafting a themed brand experience in their LMS, named Axis. During the month of June — Pride month — Axis featured a well-designed banner calling on employees to wear rainbow colors on the last Sunday of the month.

Their site admin also asked for people to submit photos of them holding a sign that states what they’re proud of. The photos received will then go out the company’s social media accounts over that last weekend — a great way to authentically celebrate your people and culture.

The holistic approach Mario Tricoci takes with holiday promotions really shined with their most recent year-end holiday celebration.

First, they put a countdown to the holiday party on the Axis homepage and created a banner that took employees to a page built out specifically for the holiday promotion. Festive tweaks were made to the color scheme, along with a video outlining the promotion.

Plus, the holiday page included a module built specifically for the company holiday party. Employees could go there to get all the information around the party — general information, book hotel rooms, and a way to RSVP to the dinner and party.

Wisetail LMS client Blink Fitness uses their LMS to celebrate holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day.

Blink Fitness: Incentivizing User Contributions

Blink Fitness has an active, younger set of employees and the company caters to them by inviting a lot of interaction during holidays. For instance, Blink revamped its banners for two events: Blinkoween and Mood Lifter at Heart.

Blinkoween coincided with, you guessed it, Halloween. Banners and buttons shifted to a black and orange color scheme. And the company ran a costume contest for each location. In order to run the contest, employees uploaded costume photos that their peers voted on, with the winners from each location earning prizes.

Blink also held a contest for employees who best represent the company’s core values, specifically those who go above and beyond in lifting the mood of the workplace. The most edition of this dovetailed with Valentine’s Day. Given the timing, the Blink built imagery featuring candy hearts and asked nominations to take the form of a photo with the nominee and nominator holding candy heart-shaped signs that read Mood Lifter at Heart.

Wisetail LMS client Caribou Coffee uses their LMS to promote the LGBTQ leaders in their organization.

Caribou Coffee: Shining a Spotlight

Caribou Coffee has celebrated Pride month with a special page on their platform, which is named Caribou Crossing.

Caribou spotlighted four of its LGBTQ employees with a module that shares a little more background about each of the four, and a short question-and-answer section where they each discuss their lives outside of Caribou and how that informs their approach to work.

The spotlight is part of a broader effort by Caribou, called the Diversity Equity & Inclusion Alliance. The DEIA was created “to co-create progress and possibility for all with big hearts, curiosity and humility.” The initiative is just getting started, but we here at Wisetail like the direction it’s heading.

All in All

Hopefully these quick anecdotes get your ideas flowing ahead of your organization’s next holiday. If you’re a current client, we recommend reaching out to your CX rep to learn just how much flexibility and branding power you have in the platform.

For example, you have full management of pages and widgets in the LMS. That means you can create and tweak and adjust to your inner perfectionist’s delight. Full management of pages means that you can build one ahead of time, schedule it to launch on a certain date, and schedule it to unpublish at a later specific date.

With so many features and functions in a system, it can be hard to know which ones to use when, and how to use them. One option not to sleep on: holiday-themed badges. Just think of all the possibilities!

Wisetail LMS content creator, Jason Bacaj.

By Jason Bacaj

Jason is a content creator with Wisetail. Through research and interviews, he works to help L&D pros grow the breadth of their knowledge. He’s a recovering journalist fascinated with learning.