Announcing The 2017 #INDIETECH College Tour


For the past five years, I’ve carried around a photo of a guy in his 60s with a gray beard sitting on a surfboard patiently waiting between sets. The photo is black & white, grainy – moody even – and he is calmly looking into the camera. The image has haunted me – in a good way – for years. It seems he knows something about life that I do not. But, what is it?

Up until recently, the answer has eluded me. Or, more honestly, I have been pretending I couldn’t see it. Like most of us, I spent a large portion of my life making deliberate decisions that would result in a different picture of me at 60. The picture would be one of financial status and compromise, not of health and contentment.

So, what do I now think the guy in the photo knows?

He has found a path to freedom.

Maybe he spent his career as a writer, a photographer, an artist or a musician. Whatever he does for work, he enjoys it and he’s good at it. He looks interesting and interested. He surfs when the surf is good. He can stand for something and not worry about how it affects his livelihood. He has time to think, to read, to exercise and to prepare good food. He loves where he lives. He’s respected and his intentions are clear to those around him. He’s not worried about money because he lives simply and avoids debt.
Regardless of his specific story, I believe his level of freedom is also available in the software industry if you learn to embrace the power of independence or what we call #INDIETECH.

The 2017 #INDIETECH Tour

In 2017 I’m hitting the road to tell our #INDIETECH story to the next generation of the software industry with the goal of inspiring an alternative to VC-backed entrepreneurship. I’ll be visiting Computer Science and Entrepreneurship classes in universities across the country with plans to hit at least one class in each of the lower 48 states by the end of the year. Along the way, I’ll be chronicling the stories of people – like the guy in my photo – who have tapped into true freedom amidst the growing uncertainty in America.
I believe that the new faces of freedom are software pros and entrepreneurs that consciously choose lifestyle over luxury and fuel their freedom by working from vans on the beach, mountain-town bars, downtown coffee shops and #INDIETECH companies. They are free from the control of venture capital and razor focused on their three stakeholders: customers, employees and their communities. The result is companies with innovative products, meaningful customer experiences, genuine care for their employees, deep community roots, sustainable growth and freedom through independence.
Stay tuned for tour locations and dates.

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