Wisetail’s Customer Service Approach


CX Touchpoints

A little customer service goes a long way

While most software companies spend a high percentage of resources on marketing to connect with people outside of their current client base, Wisetail has deployed the reverse by investing in tactics that get the company as close as possible to its goal of 100 percent client retention.

The Wisetail LMS Customer service team travels to D.C. for a CoLab with APCO Worldwide
Wisetail CX team members Kelsey Schaufler and Beth Hawes out with APCO Worldwide in Washington D.C.

Wisetail has carefully crafted a portfolio theory of client touchpoints instead of a one-size-fits-all-call-center-wait-in-line-for-the-next-representative approach. Wisetail offers ApexLive, an implementation of our LMS – full of user guides, and L&D best practices – exclusively for the community of Wisetail clients as well as in-person Co-Labs for implementation. Weekly emails with best practices, inspiration, and ideas. Weekly client check-in meetings to help add value, get work done and share best practices along with new features. Wisetail on the Road is an extension of the annual Apex conference where Wisetail team members meet clients where they are.

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For Director of Formation at Ascension Health Care and dad of a newborn, Bob Fish, Wisetail’s weekly newsletter is a point on the spectrum of customer service that is most helpful in his work-life flow. In an unsolicited post on his LinkedIn account, Bob shared the following insight:

“Let’s start with the thanks. The Team Wisetail newsletter is so rich it makes my head spin. I want to buy and read all 50 design books – this at a time when I fall asleep reading the NY Times on my phone at night. Our baby Henry is eight weeks old, however, so he’s getting the hang of things, like sleep. I hope you’ll pass on my gratitude – I look forward to receiving what you send every week. I’m sure you get lots of emails like this.”

Robert Fish

Director, Formation at Ascension

“Each client picks what they find most valuable,” says Bigart. “Every opportunity is meant to drive success and build stronger relationships with clients so not only are we equipped to solve problems, but anticipate needs.”

LMS Customer Experience That Works

Wisetail LMS Customer Service welcomes Ram Brewery To HQ for an In-depth colab
Ram Brewery at Wisetail for a CoLab, an in-depth learning session with the CX team.

Ryan Wilson, director of CX at Wisetail says the weekly calls can be particularly useful in helping clients achieve their goals. “Most software companies give you some documentation and then you’re on your own. What we’re really trying to do here is making sure that every LMS admin we work with is as engaged as possible and that translates to user engagement.”

Wilson admits that adding another meeting can be a challenge for L&D professionals who operate in a small department. “Very rarely are our clients simply focused on running the system. They have a lot of responsibilities and we feel deeply that it’s our job to help lighten the burden instead of tasking them with more work. We’re doing our best to make sure each opportunity for clients to receive our support is focused and provides the latest tips and best practices from some of the most respected learning and development professionals at some of the best places to work in the country.”

Wisetail CX team member Kelsey Schaufler adds that weekly calls with clients are rooted in innovation. “We can share new use cases and help make sure that our clients can be leaders in innovation on their team. When their bosses, managers, and staff ask them questions, we want to arm them with as much knowledge as possible so they are truly viewed as the expert.”

For Kevin Dorr, each point on the Wisetail client experience spectrum is about adding horsepower. “At the moment, I am in a learning and development department of one. I am in the process of looking for more support, but in the meantime, my weekly calls with Beth help me to get through a very large to-do list quickly. The customer experience provided by Wisetail is very helpful and actually fun, which is not something you might expect from a software partner.”