Tips From A L&D Pro: Mona Vogele From Fairfield Residential

Mona Vogele is the Sr. Director of Organizational Engagement at Fairfield Residential. With 1,800 associates at more than 200 properties across the country, Mona has developed a responsive and innovative training program that allows a geographically diverse team to stay connected and engaged through a development program that sets Fairfield Residential apart.

Most exciting innovation in learning and development: Compelling Content

“We know that we have to completely focus on keeping it short, relevant, timely, and compelling out of respect for everyone’s time. People are incredibly busy. Nobody wants to listen to a 90-minute webinar, and even if they actually want to they just don’t have time. The challenge is to create such compelling content that people can’t turn away.”

What inspires her in training today: Developing New Leaders

“What fascinates me and inspires me most is when you can see people’s leadership abilities increase. I don’t just mean moving up the ranks in a job title. It’s those lightbulb moments where someone learns how to deepen relationships and expand influence in a positive way. I see the biggest opportunities in learning and development and business today are really about developing new leaders among Millennials and making sure we can provide them with a highly customizable learning experience.”

What’s working well in Fairfield Residential’s training program: User-Generated Content

“We have really high engagement with our user-generated content. We’ve seen from 1200-1500 uploads per month. It creates a lot of flexibility so that each individual associate can map out their own learning path based on tried and true knowledge from the field – from people they work with. It’s a huge benefit to our entire learning program.”

What she’s reading now:

Nobody Wants to Read Your Sh*t” by Steven Pressfield