At Wisetail, we are fortunate to work on a great product in a truly beautiful place. We are proud to be a technology company based in Bozeman, Montana. To celebrate our home state, we are sponsoring a Montana Pixelworkers Local 406 Shirt from United Pixelworkers. The shirt features a pixelated bison skull on a Big Sky blue background and will be sold along side shirts representing Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Seattle and many other larger metropolitain areas.

Local 406ers produce world-class work and turn around and enjoy world-class recreational opportunities. To express what makes working and playing in Montana special, we’re holding a contest and giving away a Nest Thermostat.

From now until May 1, post a photo of yourself sporting your Local 406 shirt while enjoying the beauty of our fair state to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+ hashtagged #wisetail #local406. Whether you are holding a prize trout, carving some spring turns, or just out having fun with friends, we will collect the photos and randomly choose a winner of the Nest Thermostat.

So get to it, members of the Local 406! Work hard, then get outside and enjoy Big Sky Country!