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At Wisetail, we’re firm believers in the importance of culture, empowering employees, and creating an environment where each individual is encouraged to learn and grow.

We love our people. We want to help them grow. Not only as employees but as individuals. So, about a year ago, Wisetail introduced an internal Professional Development Grant Program to our employees.

The program got off to an even better start than we’d hoped. It was amazing to see the myriad ways in which Wisetailers wanted to grow. Some employees wanted to grow leadership skills, some wanted tactical training, some to become subject matter experts, and others, like Jill, wanted to shift career paths completely. The grant program was a way to support all of it.

“It’s really about developing an individual person. Whether that growth pertains to what they’re doing today in their work or beyond, it’s about encouraging employees to do what they’re excited about.”

Ali Knapp, Wisetail President

Wisetail employees have used our professional development grant to attend film festivals & user conferences, enroll in code academies and more. The tangible and intangible benefits of this program have been immeasurable for us as a company.

The grant called for recipients to host a presentation of what all they learned, which spread knowledge around and spurred creative, engaging discussions. In fact, the grant program went so well that we couldn’t help but think, “Wouldn’t it be great if every company had the resources to roll out a program like this?”

Helping foster creativity and professional development is a big way companies can become great places to work, which is what Wisetail is all about. Not only does professional development build enthusiasm around and participation in company culture, it can help reduce turnover. Employees want development opportunities throughout their careers and they’ll leave if they don’t see that opportunity. Gallup found that a staggering 93% of millennials — the dominant generation in our own workplace — parted ways with employers when they felt their growth was stifled.

We understand the skepticism. Sometimes you have to see results to believe in an approach. So we’re opening our professional development grant to anyone out there who wants to improve professionally. We want to support those who embrace change, the growth chasers, and future makers.

Sound like you?

Thank you to all who have applied, the deadline to submit an application has passed. Follow us to see the winner and for information on upcoming programs. 

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