The Benefits of Using your LMS as an Intranet

Louise Schelhammer | 4 min read

The Need for an Intranet

Oftentimes, when we think of a Learning Management System (LMS), we think of it in its simplest and, arguably, most important form: a place to facilitate the delivery of consistent and cohesive training across your organization. However, what if we took a step back and looked at this from a more holistic approach?

My assumption is that, if we do, we’ll discover a vast number of ways to take advantage of the system—beyond what we may think of as typical. Let me ask a couple of questions to lay the groundwork:

  1. In your organization, do you utilize an intranet for forms, documents, and reference material?
  2. Do employees have access to a multitude of external systems for items such as scheduling, payroll, benefits, and ordering forms?
  3. Do you have a place to host internal job postings for employees to view and interact with?

If any of these questions seem familiar, there might be a benefit in using Wisetail as your intranet, or centralized hub, for all pertinent information needed for an employee to be successful and productive in their current—or future—role.

Bringing Everything Together

The purpose of an intranet is to share company information amongst employees. When we go back to thinking of this holistically, the purpose of an LMS is the same — a place to share and deliver company-wide training to each and every employee across the company. So, why not bring those two items together and make this the one-stop-shop that becomes part of your workforce’s daily workflow?

Document Repository

Our fundamental goal here at Wisetail is to create a platform that allows you to engage with your modern workforce on a daily basis. One way to think about this is through the use of a document repository. Wisetail gives you the space to upload and/or embed forms, documents, reference materials, and more in order to build the basis of an intranet. Many of our current clients have taken this a step further and broken out all of this information into department-specific buckets. A user, upon logging into the system, can simply navigate to that department within the repository and have immediate access to any and all information needed regarding updates, processes, and more. Knowledge will no longer be lost with turnover or changes within the organization as all of this information is available and accessible indefinitely.

MM.LAFleur_Document Repository_Final
MM.LaFleur’s LMS – MMoxie – incorporates all of their documentation within their Resource Library.


Many organizations use a variety of external systems for a number of different purposes. Some of those include: an HRIS/payroll system, scheduling platform, manager ordering forms, certification facilitation, among many others. Rather than relying on or requiring an employee to remember each of those sites and their unique URLs, place the links in a specific area of the LMS that serves as their launching portal. As soon as they log into the site, they have immediate, one-click access to every external system or resource they may need. This practice saves time and allows employees to jump into applicable information immediately. Again, bringing each and every element of a productive workday into one, centralized system.

Sugarfina has created a portal for their employees to quickly access additional sites + resources. 

Announcements + Internal Job Listings

It’s important for current employees to be aware of potential job opportunities within the organization. Often these are found through an organization’s job board, but once again, what if we housed all of this information within the platform that employees are already accessing on a regular basis for their position-based training? Not only would they be able to see what promotions may be available for them as an individual, they would also see exactly what it takes to get there—including requirements, pre-requisites, and more. All of a sudden, you’ve created an environment for an employee to see what they need to complete in order to move forward within the company, and given them a place to do exactly that.

Apex_Job Postings
Here at Wisetail, we make sure all of our employees are aware of internal job opportunities through Apex.

An LMS can be much more than ‘just’ a place to deliver training to your workforce. And the best part is it doesn’t have to require additional work in order to do so. If you have documents, forms, Standard Operating Procedures, video series, etc. that you want employees to have quick and easy access to, look for an LMS that will allow you to host all these resources and tools within one system. It will not only save you time, but will make it much easier for your workforce to find and interact with this content while simultaneously completing on-the-job training. All of a sudden, we have reduced the number of necessary platforms from five to one.


Lousie is a Sales Engineer at Wisetail. She grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina, and still follows the successes and tribulations of her favorite teams, the Carolina Panthers, N.C. State Wolfpack, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Dallas Stars. And if you happen to crank some REO Speedwagon, be ready to see her bust a move on the dancefloor.