Training Industry recently noted the acquisition of Wisetail by Alchemy Systems, the world’s largest training company for the food and retail sectors.
Training Industry reports benefits of Alchemy, Wisetail acquisition

The acquisition of Wisetail by Alchemy Systems has caught the eye of one of the Learning & Development industry’s top publications. highlighted the benefits of the acquisition that brought Wisetail under the wing of Alchemy, the world’s largest training company for the food and retail sectors, as it further expands in the restaurant and retail sectors.

Wisetail’s modern Learning Management System (LMS) expands Alchemy’s market reach and product offerings, Training Industry notes. The Wisetail LMS helps clients develop a strong company culture. The software provides a clean, branded platform with an effective two-way communication system that allows recognition for good work, and builds transparency and trust. All of which contribute to an authentically fun learning environment.

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