When we first launched Wisetail eight years ago, we had a goal of providing a user-first LMS experience and content which would help companies tell their stories. We helped our clients produce custom video content because, at the time, there was no compelling eLearning content to pair with our Wisetail LMS. We believe the only way people learn is when they care and to make them care you must tell them an authentic story.

Video storytelling appeals to our hearts and our minds. Video creates a sense of intimacy and allows us to connect with others, regardless of our job descriptions. Humans are social creatures, after all, and tend to relate stories to experiences. We naturally connect with each other through video storytelling.

Over the years, Wisetail has looked to our favorite documentaries to learn how to create authentic and original stories. We’ve worked hard to put video at the forefront of our own internal training and learned a lot from doing it.

As our company has evolved, these are a few tricks we’ve learned about how to create authentic LMS video content to help define company values, strengthen internal culture and tell a company story.

Use Your Authentic Voice

Use Your Authentic Voice: Speak to your tribe in the language they know. People can spot inauthenticity a mile away, so use your own experiences to tell the story. Maybe it’s about your company’s founding story or core values; the important part is it’s yours. Skip all the jargony business language and speak to your people like they’re friends and family.

Create A Story Arc

Any good storytelling relies on a story arc. It might be tempting to launch into your tale without a thought of how it begins and ends, but you need to introduce people to the idea you’re going to talk about. Think about your storytelling in an arc with a beginning, middle and end. Help draw your users in and make them stick around till the end.

  • Draw them in: create suspense, action, a stunning visual, anything to catch your viewers attention right away.
  • Raise suspense: give your story a dilemma or a rising action, a problem to be solved or an issue to overcome.
  • End on a memorable idea: conclude it with an important idea or thought your viewer can leave with.

Cash In On Your Quirks

Great places to work have great, and often quirky, cultures. While first instinct may be to shy away from your company’s weirdness, leaning into it can make for a great video. It also helps you know you’re comfortable in your own shoes and are confident enough in your company’s core culture you can let your weirdness show through in a few spots.

You can make great eLearning content. It’s easy. The tools are already in your hands. Check out our video for how you can make amazing videos by using only your smart phone.

Focus Inward

Although it can be tempting to look outward to find your stories, telling your employee’s stories can have a profound impact on your culture, retention rate, employee happiness, and engagement. At Wisetail, we take the time to celebrate our employees by creating a video about everyone of our team members which highlights their greatest passion. Taking the time to invest in an employee’s story lets them know we recognize their value as an individual – both inside and outside the office.

Using video storytelling to engage your learners is crucial to helping spread a company’s culture, values, and goals. Our brains are hardwired to pay attention to compelling stories. Taking the time to cultivate a company story and telling it in a way that connects with people is worth the effort.

Introducing Wisetail House Media

We understand not all L&D teams have the time or resources to create the kind of videos which engage and inspire learners. The lack of good LMS video content available to our clients has always remained an issue we wanted to address. It seems over the years, the state of LMS video content hasn’t changed much. No one seems to be addressing the root challenge of creating LMS video content: “Why should your learner care?”

With the launch of Wisetail House Media in 2017, we are providing our clients with the option to purchase engaging video content for their Wisetail LMS created by our in-house Wisetail video production team. We are working to create a growing library of original and curated LMS video content which covers certification programs in leadership, customer service, wellness, compliance, as well as other areas. By partnering with industry leaders and personalities, we are striving to provide our clients with LMS video content which isn’t available anywhere else.

Wisetail House Media was founded on the belief that the best online learning experiences emerge at the intersection of an easy-to-use LMS and eLearning content which encourages people to care. We truly love the creative process and the power of video storytelling and want to share the expertise we’ve developed over the years to help our clients power their great place to work.

Wisetail House Media LMS Content featuring Madison

We’re dedicated to telling authentic stories.

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