Wisetail Certified a “Great Place To Work”


SAYING you’re a great place to work and BEING a great place to work are two different things.


Everyone at Wisetail has always strived to create a great place to work. Perks like an unlimited vacation policy, employee health incentives, free lunches… they all go a long way towards making Wisetail a great place to work, but what truly makes the difference is the culture. Intentionally crafting a culture that thrives on openness, creativity, and transparency all work to create a truly unique environment. 

Cece (CX) and Cristy (office support) hold down the nerve center of the Wisetail office

We’ve thought for a while we’re a pretty neat place to work and that thought, at least in part, was justified last week when Wisetail was certified as a Great Place To Work by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Wisetail earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by its employees in anonymous surveys.

We couldn’t be more stoked to see our mission to create an awesome workplace has been recognized by not only our employees, who obviously benefit most from it, but also by the folks at Great Place to Work. It also goes to reinforce the idea we’ve preached for a long time, Montana is a thriving place to run a business.

Creating a culture that thrives on openness, creativity, and transparency are the building blocks of the Wisetail philosophy

When asked about Wisetail, Kim Peters, Vice President of Great Place to Work’s Recognition Program applauded Wisetail for seeking the verification and the outstanding employee feedback Wisetail provided.

“These ratings measure Wisetail’s capacity to earn its own employees’ trust and create a great workplace – critical metrics that anyone considering working for or doing business with Wisetail should take into account as an indicator of high performance,” said Peters.

And for those who don’t think creating a captivating and great place to work can affect the bottom line, Wisetail’s approach to employee engagement has resulted in 17 straight quarters of rapid, sustainable growth including a 2000% revenue increase in three years – without a dime of outside financing. That’s progress, whichever way you look at it.

Rest assured though this endorsement doesn’t mean we’ll stop pushing to create an amazing work culture. This is just the beginning of bigger things to come.

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