Press Release

Wisetail Operations

August 1, 2019

Wisetail is proud to announce its newest product offering, Wisetail Operations. Wisetail Operations stems from a capacity-expanding partnership with our Toronto office, which joined the Wisetail family in December. This partnership became possible with the acquisition of Wisetail by Intertek, the leader in Quality Assurance, in July 2018. The move introduced a new strategic vision to the company by expanding the Wisetail platform to include operations management.

We’re very excited to welcome all the people on the Toronto-based Wisetail Operations team to the Wisetail family.

Our newest product offering engages, empowers, and improves operational performance by connecting people and data. Wisetail Operations offers real-time data-driven insights that allow multi-site organizations to understand, share, and act on KPIs. The management software combines operational tools with external sources of information, such as speed of service, customer feedback, or third-party audits, allowing you to mitigate brand risk with greater certainty than ever before.

“We’re excited about this next step for Wisetail. Adding a data-driven operations component furthers our holistic approach to enable the growth of our partners. This tool will provide deeper insights and new inspiration to positively impact their people” – Ali Knapp, President