We believe the best online learning experiences emerge at the intersection of an easy-to-use LMS which recognizes learners and eLearning content that encourages people to care.

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We believe in the power of video

Telling an authentic story is the most effective way to get learners to truly care. Wisetail House Media leverages the power of storytelling to create both original and curated eLearning content for your company’s needs. Our growing library of high-quality content includes training and certification programs in leadership, customer service, and wellness.

Wisetail creates custom LMS content

Custom Content

Original and authentic storytelling makes training content truly come alive. We create training content by utilizing the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking, and we work one-on-one with our clients to deliver impactful videos. Our proprietary process creates videos that uniquely showcase our clients’ brands, cultures, and stories in meaningful and compelling ways. We’re passionate storytellers, and we’re as committed to telling our clients’ stories as we are about telling our own.

Original Content

The eLearning market is desperately in need of rich, engaging, and original online learning content, and we’re gearing up to deliver that content. From customer service, to leadership development, to communication and beyond, we’re partnering up with L&D leaders and industry professionals to create top-tier, off-the-shelf learning materials that will be available in 2017. We’ll have professionals like Joe Pine (The Experience Economy) engaging with your teams on an authentic, inviting level, creating a unique and invaluable learning environment. Original content is the future of LMS learning, and we at Wisetail will be on the frontlines developing the best original learning materials.

Wisetail creates custom LMS content

Content Partners

Although our original and custom content is generally the best solution, we also realize that there are times when pre-packaged training content might be necessary. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the leading institutions in the L&D industry to make mission-critical learning content available in a plethora of subjects.

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