Wisetail's LMS is built for the unique training needs and challenges of today's restaurant industry.

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Restaurant employees featured inside of a Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System).


Engaging and connecting with employees is even more crucial with the increased employee-related challenges restaurants face today.

A restaurant employee featured inside of a Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System).


America’s top restaurants choose Wisetail’s LMS to build an inspired, connected, engaged, and well-trained staff for excellent customer service.

Restaurant employees featured inside of a Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System).


Restaurant industry innovators choose Wisetail’s LMS for our ability to support company growth with training programs and operational communication.

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Restaurant Industry Challenges in the Modern World

Over the past two years, the restaurant industry has absorbed massive operational changes in regards to employees. More than ever, the ability to recruit and retain talented employees is crucial to success. Restaurants are faced with tough challenges and are looking for ways to reduce time to productivity, increase employee retention, improve operations, and reduce costs and risk. Learning, development and training departments facing these challenges need a modern LMS system built with these challenges in mind.

Restaurant ingredients featured inside of a Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System).
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Wisetail | The Best LMS for Restaurants

Many of the learning management tools and functionality were designed based on real-world feedback from our many restaurant clients. Our LMS was designed to capture the attention of the Millennial workforce who make up the largest segment of the restaurant-employee pool. Our system gives restaurants the ability to connect with employees by using our online tools designed to engage them.

Learn more about how our restaurant partners use the Wisetail LMS
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) restaurant client Zoes Kitchen.
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) restaurant client Smashburger.
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) restaurant client Shake Shack.
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) restaurant client Noodles and Co.
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) restaurant client Jamba Juice.
Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) restaurant client Caribou Coffee.

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What Our Partners Say

“We were looking for ways to brand our employment experience and create a unique culture of learning through the sharing of best practices. Wisetail, which we have branded as ‘ShackSource’, has been a remarkable game changer for Shake Shack!”

Peggy Rubenzer, Shake Shack

 Key Benefits of Wisetail’s LMS for Restaurants

Improved Communication

Rollout a new menu item and deliver the related training and marketing message to every manager, employee and franchisee in your network simultaneously. Then close the information loop by receiving real-time feedback from the same community.

Front/Back House Management

Pair soft-skill training for Front-of-House staff with prep and product training for Back-of-House staff. Add sales strategy and operations training for Management to ensure a cohesive, consistent guest experience.

Limit Access

Providing learning content to staff while limiting your wage liability is vital for restaurants. With our LMS, you have the ability to designate where, when, and who can access content, giving you the ultimate ability to train while reducing your risk.

Training for Multiple Positions

Let’s say you have a server who is also a bartender and busser. They require mixed training and also have two different managers. Not a problem for us. With just a single user account, that employee will have access to all applicable training content, and both managers can track training completions and measure performance.

Better, Faster Training

Don’t wait to train new employees in monthly or quarterly group sessions. Reduce the learning lag and get new hires productive faster by delivering culture and process training immediately upon hiring.

Compliance Training

Seeing which training has been completed, by whom, in what timeframe – all reported in metrics that are important to your organization – is critical. When completion rates are tied to compliance requirements or compensation, the reporting is essential.

Admin Tools for Managers

Provide Managers and GMs admin tools for reporting, user management, and enrollment.

Create Brand Ambassadors

Reinforce your message and empower your employees by letting them share their own video stories with their community.


Find out how Wisetail’s LMS gives L&D innovators simple, intuitive tools to create inspired online learning for the modern workforce.