Operations Management

Wisetail Operations can support emerging new businesses as well as an established multi-site organization by empowering your team members to achieve operational excellence, mitigate brand risk, and act upon data-driven insights to deliver on your brand vision.


Locate and address operational gaps by providing standard practices at the point of need.

Wisetail Operations captures an electronic record of all of your crucial operations tasks, ensuring compliance and audit capabilities.

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Improve operational gaps and eliminate team member uncertainty by defining solutions for off standards that adhere to compliance and brand standard norms.

Wisetail Operations is proven to reduce food safety criticals and speed of service, while increasing training completions and guest feedback scores.

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Wisetail Operations can accommodate simple structures as well as advanced active hierarchical organizations with a global presence.

Robust user management and role permissioning provides you with advanced insight into operational performance, fit to your unique business and data hierarchy.



Follow outstanding actions required on a variety of tasks. Easily visualize all outstanding actions, their severity, duration and resolution in order to provide a clear path and timeline to address all pending actions.

Report and manage actions throughout the day—all the way down to individual line items. Benchmark and analyze locations to keep business units and regions aligned.

Business Operations Made Simple

Wisetail Operations’ extensive configuration capability removes the complexity for multi-site organizations to manage brand standards and simplifies the ability to achieve operational excellence in real time.


Reduction in food safety criticals


Improvement of core operational metrics


Increase in training retention

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