To ensure our own path as a company is aligned with our overall goal of helping our clients be great places to work, we focus on three areas: Purpose, Path and Play.


Purpose is our shared mission, the direction of our company.

Moriah works on the Wisetail LMS


Path is how each individual can grow and develop in parallel to company growth.

Ali takes notes about the Wisetail LMS


Play is making sure the ride is fun and enriching.


Building a great place to work starts by defining the purpose of the organization and of each individual’s contribution toward an overall mission. Our purpose at Wisetail is to create innovative, learner-focused technology that ensures our clients are successful, and to positively impact Montana with our own success. We’re completely focused on this company mission both as a group and as individuals working together.


Once purpose is in place, a path is needed to accomplish goals. Most organizations focus on big-picture ideas, like company direction. While this is definitely important, at Wisetail, we move beyond this big-picture idea and focus our efforts on illuminating a clear path for each employee’s professional development. We challenge our people to grow, and we reward them for driving their own development, both personally and professionally.


Play is built into everything we do at Wisetail. We prioritize work-life balance, and we prioritize a healthy benefits program. Beyond just a conventional health care plan, we offer creative wellness programs. Our Hot Lap Challenge encourages our workers to utilize Bozeman’s amazing trail system during work hours to help sustain our friends at the Gallatin Valley Land Trust. Our quarterly adventure program gives our employees a chance to be reimbursed for epic adventures. Our Wisebird program is built on peer-to-peer recognition, and fosters an environment of gratitude at mutual respect while awarding each other for meaningful work.

Proudly Independent

We’re an independent software company. We have zero financial backing from outside investors, which means our only stakeholders are our clients and ourselves. This allows us to make decisions – both about the direction our company and the development of our product – that are 100% aligned with our goal of powering great places to work.


We love Montana. We love the mountains, the snow, the rivers, and the hard-working Montana work ethic. We work hard and escape to the far reaches of our states to replenish our reserves.  We feel like our location is a competitive advantage against our software brethren in hectic places like Silicon Valley. We’re invested in our home – our philanthropic efforts are centered around building strong Montana communities and we want to grow our company here to bring more jobs and success to Bozeman. Because as Wisetail wins, Montana wins.