Our Manifesto

Establishing and preserving the aspects of our company culture that matter most.

We Work Collectively to:

Put People First

Forging relationships and investing in the wellbeing of others
Maintaining an iterative, inquisitive culture
Providing a space for personal and professional growth


Redefine Industry Standards

Meeting challenges with creative solutions
Giving others the tools, insight and inspiration to impact their workplace
Breaking barriers in ways we work and learn


Power Great Places to Work

Committing to continuous learning
Embracing and driving change
Seeking new ways of adding value in all we do

Invested in Our Home

We love Montana. We love the mountains, the snow, the rivers, and the hard-working Montana work ethic.

Built in Bozeman, Montana

We work hard and escape to the far reaches of our state to replenish our reserves. We feel like our location is a competitive advantage over our software brethren packed in places like Silicon Valley. We’re invested in our home – our philanthropic efforts are centered around building strong Montana communities and we want to grow our company here to bring more jobs and success to Bozeman. Because as Wisetail wins, Montana wins.

Meet the Team that Powers Wisetail

Award-winning software. Top-notch client experience. An ever-expanding community of clients. Meet the creative, competent, and passionate people of Wisetail.

Meet the Team