noun in·die·tech \ˈin-dē \ˈtek \ - a technology company that is intentionally independent and self-funded for philosophical reasons that drive innovation, performance, passion, place and better stakeholder relationships.

#INDIETECH is a movement celebrating the culture of sustainably-built, independently-financed technology companies that guard, above all else, the relationship between technology makers and users.

It’s rooted in the same tenets as indie rock, where the line between fan and performer is paper-thin with all distractions cast away. To this end, #INDIETECH companies are intentionally self-funded to ensure that all business decisions are directly aligned with two key stakeholders: team members and customers.

We believe that #INDIETECH companies have significant competitive advantages relative to venture backed peers in the areas of product innovation, customer experience, sustainability, team engagement and financial performance over time.

#INDIETECH is as much a strategic approach to business as it is a philosophy that can positively transform lives while sustainably growing the American tech economy.

Here’s to being proudly independent.