These are the values that drive our team moving forward.

Writing down what you believe means being accountable to what you believe.

We created our manifesto to define our values and keep them always present. We want our employees, clients, partners and potential clients to know what makes us tick and how we make decisions.


Our people & customer’s experience above all else • learn, evolve, grow • make an impact • simplify the complex • for the purpose of powering great places to work • proving it can be done • professional rewards & participating in something exceptional.

We imagine a company where…the success of our customers fuels everything we do. Every problem can be solved. Growth is the outcome of consistently doing good work.

We deliver innovative employee-focused technology that works as marketed.

We obsess over every design detail of our product, brand, culture, and experience.

We collectively follow through and aren’t afraid to say no.

We work hard, stay humble & expect nothing. We eat well & adventure often.

Only those who play win. As we win, Montana wins.