Meet the creators of our award-winning software, the passionate souls behind our top-notch service, and the team responsible for our ever-expanding family of Wisetail clients.

Wisetail employees Joe, Claire, and Jamie pose for a picture during a warm autumn day outside of the Wisetail office.

Meet the Operations Team

Advocates for continuous learning – always scoping the landscape for ways to build and expand our employees skills.

Wisetail LMS employee Ali.

Ali Knapp

President, Multi-Unit Operations

Wisetail LMS employee Cristy.

Cristy Pedersen

Operations Manager

Wisetail LMS employee Courtney.

Courtney Fitzpatrick

Learning & Development Lead

peter cleary headshot

Peter Cleary

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Wisetail LMS Operations Intern, Emily Wood.

Emily Wood

Operations Assistant

Marci Johnerson headshot

Marci Johnerson

Executive Assistant


Evan Sheeks

IT Systems Administrator

Meet the CX Team

Wisetail is built on providing the most exceptional client experience in SaaS. Our CX team works with you to truly understand your mission and help you achieve it. Meet your strategic partners.


Kelly Meredith

Client Experience Director

Wisetail LMS employee Rachael.

Rachael Nordby

Client Success Team Lead

Wisetail LMS support employee Ryan White.

Ryan White

Implementation Team Lead

Wisetail LMS support employee Ryan Kramer.

Ryan Kramer

Client Success Manager

Wisetail LMS Business Development Representative Claire Neumeier.

Claire Neumeier

CX Services Rep

Wisetail LMS CX Rep Jamie Hofferber.

Jamie Hofferber

Implementation Manager

Wisetail LMS support employee Kevin.

Kevin Young

CX Services Rep

Shannon Hayes

Client Success Manager

becca mulhill headshot

Becca Mulhill

CX Services Rep


Amy Gaudielle

CX Services Rep

Cody Kirby

Implementation Manager

Meet the Sales Team

Meet the passionate people seeking out the best additions to our vibrant client community.

Casey Vermette

Sales Manager

Wisetail LMS CX support Louise Schellhammer.

Louise Schelhammer

Sales Engineer


Megan Zobott

Business Development Representative

Wisetail LMS Sales Engineer, Hilary Stecker.

Hilary Stecker

Enterprise Sales Engineer

Vladimir Shaposhnikov

Sales Engineer

Wisetail LMS Sales Engineer Brian Hogan.

Brian Hogan

Sales Engineer

beau gooch wisetail

Beau Gooch

Business Development Representative

Meet the Product & Engineering Team

Meet the innovative minds that create, update, and maintain Wisetail’s award-winning, leading-edge software.

Wisetail LMS VP of Engineering Glenn Veil.

Glenn Veil

VP of Engineering

Wisetail LMS employee Juniper.

Juniper Emnett

Software Engineering Manager

Wisetail LMS employee Chris.

Chris Gibson

Senior Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Moriah.

Moriah Ellig

Lead Product Designer

Wisetail LMS employee Kati.

Kati Lueth

Lead Software Engineer

evan melick wisetail

Evan Melick

Lead Product Manager


Reed Kempf

Lead DevOps Engineer

Wisetail LMS Senior Product Designer, Shane Johnson.

Shane Johnson

Senior Product Designer

Wisetail LMS employee Lucas.

Lucas Barbula

Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Jon.

Jon Edwards

Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Pierce.

Pierce Trey

Senior Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Rachael.

Rachael Harlow

Software Quality Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Matt.

Matt Goldsworthy

Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Pierce Wolcott.

Pierce Wolcott

Product Designer

Tor Gilbertson headshot

Tor Gilbertson

Senior Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Evan.

Evan Koehler

Senior Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS Services Engineer Joe Sweeney.

Joe Sweeney

Software Engineer

Wisetail LMS employee Stevey.

Stevey Still

Junior Software Engineer


Brent Northcutt

DevOps Engineer


Paige Rittersbacher

Product Designer

Wisetail LMS Software Engineer Intern, Angela Montanye.

Angela Montanye

Junior Software Engineer

Alex Nelson headshot

Alex Nelson

Principal DevOps Engineer

Client Support Specialist at Wisetail LMS, Kayla Dusenberry.

Kayla Dusenberry

Technical Support Engineer

C.W. Holeman III

Technical Support Engineer

Marcus Zoeller

Principal Software Engineer


Philip Anderson

Senior DevOps Engineer


David Madsen

Software Engineer

Meet the Marketing Team

These creative souls are the ones spreading the word of Wisetail’s inspired learning and development solutions.

Wisetail LMS email marketing specialist Landon Meyer.

Landon Meyer

Marketing Manager

Ben Fuller

Marketing Operations

Wisetail LMS employee Jason.

Jason Bacaj

Content Creator

Wisetail LMS employee Ray.

Ray Lombardi

Senior Experience Designer

Lana Dalton

Internal Marketing Specialist

Ashley Nold headshot

Ashley Nold

Video Producer

Our Wisetails

Our furry friends may have tongue-in-cheek titles, but their role is as important as any: they make sure that we play as hard as we work.

Wisetail LMS employee Ada.


Manager of Snacking Resources

Wisetail LMS employee Zoey.


Lead Nap-time Coordinator

Wisetail LMS employee Cooper.


Head of Disruption Services

Wisetail LMS employee Leo.


DOEAA: Director of Executive Assistant Assistants



Solutions Barkitecht

Wisetail LMS employee Echo.


CDX Ambassador

Wisetail LMS employee Freyer.


Chief Back Door Greeter

Wisetail LMS employee Daisy.


Chief Barketing Director

Wisetail LMS employee Summit.


Branch Manager

Wisetail LMS dog, Louis.


Meeting Room Clearer

wisetail dog moxie


Chief Noise Architect

wisetail dog rio





Professor of Widgetcraft & Wizardry

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