Beth Hawes

As a CX team member, Beth is the face of Wisetail to our clients. Pull back the curtain and behind her calm exterior is a fierce desire to move beyond the typical vendor-client relationship into the much more challenging realm of true partnership. Her goal is to be viewed as an extension of our client’s team rather than an outside vendor. She achieves this by approaching her work with empathy for the people she works with, always imagining how to make their lives easier, more productive and successful. A student of history – Bachelors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – with a rich professional history ranging from marketing to account management to non-profit development, her own diverse range of experiences help her find this perspective. Drawn to Wisetail for the culture and people, she was immediately hooked after reading our manifesto.

After graduating from UNC, Beth lived and worked in Washington, DC and New York City before returning to North Carolina. Growing up in NC instilled in her a love for the outdoors but accessing the mountains in NC was becoming increasingly challenging – so she decided to go west. If you cross paths with Beth outside of work you’re probably taking in some live music, hanging out on the water, watching UNC basketball, eating Mexican food or hanging out with her handsome dog McCants – because that’s what she’ll be doing.