Cece Harris

Cece is most inspired creating “ah-ha” moments for clients. As she puts it, “I love seeing the lightbulb go off during CoLab when a client sees how they can use Wisetail in a creative way that aligns with their culture.” For Cece, the following business equation rings most true: Culture + People First = Success.

She takes pride in building relationships with clients and helping them reach new goals as they implement new Wisetail systems. Cece’s tech-savvy and organizational prowess, combined with her background in the service industry, make her a phenomenal member of Wisetail’s customer experience team. She finds balance skiing, fishing, hiking and volunteering in the community.


I grew up in a family that really believed in giving back to the place that created a home for all of us, and so community involvement has been something that’s been a part of my identity since I was a little kid. I try to be involved in I a variety of different projects to keep my interests and network growing. I am currently working on producing our fifth year of TedX Bozeman. My community involvement has created for me a network of not only professional acquaintances, but has given me some of my best friends. They push me, they challenge me, they ask me the tough questions, and that’s something that I really appreciate, and the kind of environment that I thrive within.  Bozeman Montana is a very special place.  The people here are incredibly passionate about what they do and they give a hundred percent of everything to whatever project they’re involved in.  And I think that that spirit in and of itself kind of curates and helps kind of manifest this desire to make things better.  And I want to do everything I can to kind of nurture that and foster that and be a part of it moving forward.