Connor Cavigli

Connor joined the Client Experience (CX) team at Wisetail to build and maintain relationships with our clients. Specifically, he’s all about the people working for our clients. He’s focused on connecting in new ways and discovering more effective training methods on the person-to-person level. Building on the gold standard of service set by his CX predecessors – he wants each client to love not only working with the Wisetail software, but also the Wisetail people.

His person-centric approach (and admittedly lofty service goals) may seem unusual coming from someone with a background in the numbers-centric field of Finance, but after graduating from Washington State University with a bachelors degree, Connor has applied his skills mostly in the decidedly people-centered non-profit world.

Connor grew up in Kalispell, Montana but after spending seven years living in Washington for school and work, decided it was time to return to his home state last summer. Outside of work he loves to hike, cross-country ski, climb, bike, play soccer & basketball, brew beer and read a good book.


I’m a learner.  I love to kind of delve into the stuff that interests me. As I started to drink more beer, and develop a taste for different types, kind of what went into each piece, it was a natural thing to just want to make it. I think my favorite parts the boil, because it’s just fun to be throwing stuff in. You kind of feel like a mad scientist when you’re dropping your grains in, all your hops, and whatever else you’re throwing in. That’s your chance to create kind of a special beer. The process is kind of funny, because it’s an oddly creative deal where you kind of experiment and play around with really no consequences, like your own little beer playground. And I really enjoy that. I can have a recipe, but I kind of go off course and see “oh I think I might like this more”. It’s just a fun process to go through. Brewing is kind of an escape into a space where I can enjoy something that I love, but also kind of experiment and tinker and do something different.