Kelsey Schaufler

Kelsey joined the Wisetail Client Experience (CX) team ready to leverage her deep background in technology and consumer engagement to help Wisetail clients create rich environments tailored to meet the needs of their learning communities.  Just prior to coming aboard she discovered Wisetail in a magazine article and was interested in the focus on company growth and employee wellness, balance and happiness.  As an entrepreneur herself – she ran her own basketball camps in the Salt Lake area for four years before transitioning into tech – she was excited to play a part in making CX at Wisetail awesome.

Kelsey grew up about an hour from Bozeman in Ennis, Montana but moved to Utah for undergrad and grad school. After living in Utah for over nine years it was time to make the move back home and Bozeman – with it’s mountains, rivers, great people and mighty MSU Bobcats – was the spot. She loves playing any type of sport and spending as much time as possible outside. She has a passion for coaching volleyball, basketball and hanging out with her dog Lincoln.


I don’t think I’m any different than everybody who lives in Bozeman, that’s easy access to all of the extreme sports that I do. I love skiing, mountain biking, fishing, running, extreme running.  Growing up with parents who had a mom and pop store, I really am passionate about supporting local businesses. If you’re around me for more than three minutes you’ll probably hear me talking about beer. Particularly craft beer. I love looking forward to a good plan, but I definitely live in the moment. I just think humor is such an important part of life because it’s really easy to make small things into really big deals, and let it ruin your day, or get really fixated upon the negative things. And so being able to share laughter with your co workers is the most important thing.  You know they say, I don’t know who “they” is, but they say that laughter is the key to faster learning, and I agree with that.