Lora Johnson

If you asked her, Lora will tell you her goal is to help every Wisetail client help their employees feel both appreciated & empowered. If you asked in person, the earnest look on her face would tell you it’s not hyperbole, she means every word. Lora is part of our CX team which means she is the eyes, ears, and face to our Wisetail to our clients. She has a strong personal desire not only to connect with our clients but sees how appreciated and empowered employees are happier and healthier. She applies a philosophy of “small acts make big ripples” to everything she does in life and believes small personal actions can have a big impact on the world.

Originally from the midwest, Lora found her way west after completing a Degree in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. A diverse range of jobs – from management & customer service to organic farming and being a barista have kept Lora grounded and given her a wide perspective on serving people. She fell in love with Wisetail immediately because of how it placed an emphasis on building great client relationships.

If you spot Lora outside of Wisetail HQ there’s a good chance you’ll see her on the trail with her lab Timber, hiking, biking, skiing, gardening, and cooking, or line dancing in a local honkytonk.


I like to shed antler hunt because it’s an excuse to get out into the mountains.  Every experience is an opportunity for an adventure.  Every antler that you might find also tells a story and is a memory of that trip. You’re exhausted, you’re hiking ten, fifteen, maybe twenty miles and you might not find anything. So just to stay motivated, and patient, and enjoy other aspects of the trip regardless of whether or not you find anything.  You have to be really focused and detailed to actually see something, and it’s really like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  So the only way you’re ever really going to find anything is being truly present.  I’ve been really lucky.  I’ve gotten the nick names from friends that have been doing this for years, because I’ve only been doing it for three years, of ‘Eagle Eye Johnson’ and ‘Snow White’, because I’ve just found some pretty amazing things. You just never know what you’re going to find.