Peter Cleary

Straight out of college Peter moved East to enter the oil and gas industry. He was full of hope, good intentions, and a desire to make a positive difference in a business with a checkered past. Some might describe this as a young person’s stereotypically quixotic inclinations, but we’re not so cynical here at Wisetail. We see his journey as an example of someone willing to take a risk in pursuit of an ideal.

Working back East gave Peter invaluable experience, as well as a deep longing to return to the mountains out West. He grew up in the Sierra Nevadas outside of Yosemite National Park, in a fishing town south of Seattle in view of Mt. Rainier, and even had a few years in Bozeman during his early career. When the feeling of withdrawal from the Mountain West became too great, Peter and his wife relocated to Colorado for work and graduate school. And after several years away from Montana, they finally took the leap and moved back to Bozeman.

When not plying his trade, you’re likely to find Peter either outside trail running, exploring Montana’s backroads, camping, skiing; or inside reading and spending intentional time connecting with family and friends.

peter cleary headshot