Pierce Trey

Pierce is the owner of perhaps Wisetail’s most interesting family fun fact: he’s first cousins with the Wright brothers.

Six generations removed, of course. But still! Pierce is applying the familial creativity and ingenuity that brought the world the beauty of flight to developing the front-end of the Wisetail LMS.

Pierce moved out to Bozeman in middle school and never really left this outdoors mecca. He earned a computer science degree from the University of Idaho and honed his skills both in the photonics industry and by freelancing. Pierce joined the team here at Wisetail as a front-end developer in 2017.

He loves to play music — so much so that his first online handle was cellomanpierce (which he still uses here and there). Outside of work, Pierce is most likely to be found hanging out with his wife, Erica, and their two kids, Nora and Gemma.