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The ROI of Learning and Development

It isn’t always possible to draw a direct connection between continuing education and the bottom line. But the equation isn’t always too complicated to figure out. There are ways to use cold, hard numbers to illustrate the impact of learner-centric L&D strategy. In this guide, we go through a series of Key Performance Indicators to track and show how our clients explain the ROI of L&D.


The Rise of the LMS as Company Culture and Customer Experience Tool

After years spent witnessing brands improve their customer experience by building a strong, brand-story-based training, our team wanted to learn more. We surveyed 102 HR and L&D professionals about the relationship between customer experience, company culture, and brand story. We share the results and consider five ways you can use your LMS to build a company culture that delivers on the excellent customer experience required for success today.


Essential Guide to Branding and Design in your LMS

Design and branding have always mattered at Wisetail. After all, Wisetail began shortly after DVDs of custom training material were found propping up a wobbly table rather than being used. The thought was that if training is delivered in a way that looks and feels like a company’s brand, with an inviting layout, then people would actually use it.

In this guide we will take you through:

  • Why design matters
  • Design thinking principles
  • Best Practices for design in your LMS
  • Design resources to get you started

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Wellness

One straightforward way to invest in employees is through wellness programs. At Wisetail we have a few well-loved wellness initiatives. Plus our position as a learning management system provider grants us a unique look into wellness programs across a variety of industries.

What follows is an in-depth look into some of our favorite Wisetail wellness programs and client examples. We also dive into how we measure success of those programs, and tips on how you can leverage your LMS to support employee wellness and a vibrant company culture.


How to Find the Right LMS – A Search Guide

Finding the right Learning Management System (LMS) has never been more important. Today’s workforce demands opportunities for professional development and growth. You need to pick the best LMS for your company if you want to attract and retain talent over time.

In this step-by-step guide you will:

  • Define your organizational goals around training and development
  • Identify the features and functionality that will help you reach your goals
  • Establish ways to measure the success of your LMS implementation

Training Simplified: Invest in your people, improve your business

We tapped into our client community and our own internal team of experts to explore how food retailers can leverage tools and technology to solve critical labor challenges. The result is our e-book, Training Simplified: Invest in your people, improve your business. Download the e-book to find out how Wisetail provides leading edge communication and training features to our community.


Travel Truth and Lies Unmasked

Follow bestselling author Martin Lindstrom as he dives deep into the real and perceived dangers of traveling during the global pandemic. Lindstrom has done extensive scientific research into human behavior that he pairs with interviews from the Intertek global quality assurance team and individuals in the hospitality industry. It’s a clever read — one that will equip you with the know-how to figure out the degree of safety that you’re personally comfortable with. Because, as Lindstrom writes, “rest assured, there’s good news just beyond the horizon.”