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Wisetail is built to address the unique training challenges of today's restaurant industry.

Chef Varin Keokitvon serves a meal at CRI restaurant Heartwood Provisions featured inside of a Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System).
--Photo courtesy of Consolidated Restaurants, Inc. (photo by Suzi Pratt)


Engage & Retain

Keeping employees engaged and growing is more important than ever in today’s competitive talent market. Bring your people strategy to life with tools designed to deliver a great learner experience.


Support Rapid Growth

Scale comfortably with tools built for the challenges of a growing business. Efficiently support new restaurant openings, standardize training practices, improve oversight, and maintain your brand’s culture with growth.


Ensure Consistency

Restaurant innovators use Wisetail to ensure consistent position and service training, improve communication, and perform seamless guest experiences across all locations.

An LXP with Restaurant Roots

We’ve grown up alongside some of the most recognizable brands in the industry. They’ve helped shape our product and key features through real-world feedback and rigorous testing.

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The Wisetail LMS for restaurants shows a picture of a cutting board and vegetables.

“We were looking for ways to brand our employment experience and create a unique culture of learning through the sharing of best practices. Wisetail has been a remarkable game changer for Shake Shack!”

Peggy RubenzerSenior Vice President of People Resources at Shake Shack

Anywhere, Anytime

Wisetail works where you work – on all devices, whether Android or iOS, smartphone or tablet. We’ve designed our responsive platform to go wherever the modern learner goes.

Better, Faster Training

Reduce time to productivity when you deploy critical onboarding pathways. And, build company culture and deliver on-going development in an engaging format right from Day One.

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The Wisetail LMS for restaurants displays a phone with an LMS with restaurant content.

Administer Audiences

Designate who can access what content and where from to limit your wage liability. Segment distinct audiences for specific pages, content, and interactions.

Improved Communication

With centralized communications, you can easily disseminate updates to every manager, employee, and franchisee in your network, and receive feedback in real-time.

The Wisetail LMS for restaurants displays two workers working on an iPad in a coffee shop.

“Wisetail is the starting point for every single new employee. From branding to content, we’re able to confirm our standards have been clearly communicated to everyone across the company & all of our stores are delivering a rich and consistent experience to our customers.”

Director of Operations at Juice Generation

Key Benefits of Wisetail’s Software for Restaurants

Front/Back House Management

Ensure a consistent guest experience by pairing soft-skill training for FoH staff with prep and product training for BoH personnel.

Cross-Train and Upskill

Create nimble workforces when you enact multi-position training — say, bartender and busser — and allow more than one manager to track their progress.

Compliance Training

Our powerful, built-in reporting and enrollment tools let you require critical training and track who’s completed it, and in what timeframe.

Cultivate Company Culture

Create thriving brand communities by empowering employees to share their stories with our social, contribution, and enhanced profile features.

LXP Delivers ROI For Restaurants


Experience LXP ROI

Jamba Juice used their Wisetail LXP to save $5.2 million dollars in labor costs through reduced onboarding time and training efficiencies.

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Train To Retain

The restaurant industry has a costly turnover rate that’s almost four times the national average. Learn how successful brands use their LXP to retain high-performing talent.

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Your Success is Our Success

We share the view that learning is the path to a stronger culture and a greater brand, and is vital to building communities of employees, customers, and partners.