After years spent witnessing brands improve their customer experience by building a strong, brand-story-based training, our team wanted to learn more. We surveyed 102 HR and L&D professionals about the relationship between customer experience, company culture, and brand story. We share the results and consider five ways you can use your LMS to build a company culture that delivers on the excellent customer experience required for success today.


A Sneak Peak of the Whitepaper

“Retail brands increasingly find that their ‘inside voice’ and their ‘outside voice’ need to match. Before now, the marketing function and the employer branding function have been isolated, and those messages have been inconsistent with each other. Because today’s customer rewards emotional connection and authenticity, that disconnect gets reflected in your customer experience.”

Matt Burns, 15-year retail HR executive and founder of BentoHR

“Storytelling is at the heart of both branding and sales. Training your people to get the brand story, company culture narrative, and customer experience mantra just right is the most cost-effective opportunity for growth and profits in today’s economy. If your employees cannot create excitement about their own brand, company, culture, and customer experience, it may be time to improve your brand story, or elevate your hiring standards.”

Baron Christopher Hanson, Lead consultant and owner of RedBaronUSA

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