Wisetail ROI magazine, The Bottom Line.

The ROI of Learning and Development

It isn’t always possible to draw a direct connection between continuing education and the bottom line. But the equation isn’t always too complicated to figure out. There are ways to use cold, hard numbers to illustrate the impact of learner-centric L&D strategy. In this guide, we go through a series of Key Performance Indicators to track and show how our clients explain the ROI of L&D.


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Understanding Profits

They keystone ROI – the ROI all other ROIs refer back to. Whatever the metric is, whether it’s focused on employee retention or course completion rates, the number is tied to profit.

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Wisetail LMS employee Hudson takes a break from his mobile phone during work.

Productivity & Engagement

The level of participation is a great indication of who is and isn’t engaged, which allows you to spot employees who could benefit from more engagement support to increase productivity.

Time to Productivity

Learning and development opportunities are one of the most effective ways to lower time to productivity and will prove to be one of the strongest indicators of ROI for your L&D initiatives for years to come.

Wisetail LMS employee Ali writes notes in her work notebook.
Opt-In to Workplace Engagement

Employee Satisfaction

Successful organizations around the world like Google and Zappos put L&D first and find that the investment in their employees corresponds to the employee’s investment in their careers, their company, and their customers.

Wisetail ROI magazine, The Bottom Line.

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