The Ultimate Guide to Employee Wellness

One straightforward way to invest in employees is through wellness programs. At Wisetail we have a few well-loved wellness initiatives. Plus our position as a learning management system provider grants us a unique look into wellness programs across a variety of industries.

What follows is an in-depth look into some of our favorite Wisetail wellness programs and client examples. We also dive into how we measure success of those programs, and tips on how you can leverage your LMS to support employee wellness and a vibrant company culture.


Sneak Peak

Whole You

We understand our employees’ lives extend beyond the workplace. Whole You began as a way to connect our people with the company’s vision and values. Through the program Wisetail invests, supports, and advocates ways each employee can grow personally and professionally.

Wisetail employees Bjorn, Meghan, Ryan, and Kati take in a company lunch at the Wisetail LMS HQ.
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Hot Laps Program

Physical health is integral to overall wellness, so we started the Hot Lap program to encourage employees to explore and exercise on the local trails. For each trail jaunt, an employee gets a token for a free beer (or coffee) and Wisetail makes a donation to a local nonprofit dedicated to preserving open space.

Wisetail Dog Policy

Wisetail created a pet policy (sometimes called our petiquettes) to outline expectations and preserve the benefit of bringing animals to work because the benefits of allowing dogs in the workplace can far outweigh the costs. Learn how we did it.

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Employee Satisfaction

Essential to putting people first and embracing change is making sure employees are happy with the state of their workplace. With the help of our friends at Officevibe, we have the tools to know exactly how our team really feels and receive advice and strategies to help improve overall employee satisfaction.

Employee Wellness

About four-fifths of corporate leaders rate culture and employee experience as very important or important, according to Deloitte, but less than a quarter of them felt they were good at building culture. These three actionable tips can help you and your organization be proactive about providing a quality culture and employee experience.

Wisetail LMS partner Farmer's Table bartender.

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