Video LMS

Video in your LMS is essential to a modern learning strategy.

Video First

Video creates an authentic connection with the learner and allows them to engage with content in a way that’s beyond the reach of other media types.

Easy Embedding

Plug great learning content, like TedTalks, from YouTube or Vimeo into your LMS.


Short, quick videos help learners retain information and makes content more readily accessible and simpler to consume.

How Our Approach to Video in an LMS is Different

There is no more powerful way to communicate your culture than through the authentic stories within your organization. Great video storytelling creates a natural connection with learners and brings them back to the LMS time and again. Understanding and harnessing the power of video storytelling will make your LMS better and your organization a great place to work.

Video LMS helps learners engage and in the Wisetail LMS.
Video LMS helps learners engage and in the Wisetail LMS.

Drive Engagement with Video

We believe that video can be used for more than just training. In the Wisetail LMS, learners can share their knowledge by uploading their own videos, making it easier to spot and encourage motivated learners who buy into the brand and culture. Administrators can launch user upload contests to drive employee engagement.

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Smart Phone = Smart Content

You can make great eLearning content. It’s easy. The tools are already in your hands. Check out our video for how you can make amazing videos by using only your smart phone.