APEX Conference

Each fall we invite clients to our Bozeman HQ for APEX, a user conference built around giving clients ideas to use and put into practice.

Successful L&D Strategy

APEX is where we find new approaches and solutions to our clients’ persistent challenges. We work to provide everything from best practices for driving user engagement to exploring the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We’ll utilize our community’s expertise to solve your most vexing problems, like engaging part-time and hourly employees and approaches to encourage sharing and transparency within your LMS. We want you to walk away with lessons and tactics you can apply right away.

Conference Content

We left our last user conference with a lot of new L&D strategies. Find out the ways we used our community’s expertise to solve the most complicated problems.

Wisetail LMS events page features Erin Moran, Chief Culture Officer at Union Square Hospitality Group.

Union Square Hospitality Group Keynote

In this keynote, Erin Moran, Chief Culture Officer at Union Square Hospitality Group, discusses the challenges of defining culture and providing a great place to work, leading change, and the lessons learned along the way. Learn why the war for talent is shifting towards purpose-driven work, how the various parts of a business contribute to culture and how to use growth to advance culture.

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Wisetail LMS events content about how you can close the login gap on your LMS.

User Adoption Strategies to Close the Login Gap

Learn how you can boost employee adoption and close the login gap with leadership buy-in, creating accessible content, and gamification.

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Wisetail LMS events page features APEX5 content about onboarding.

Employee Onboarding: Using the Three A’s

Ensure that none of your employees slip through the cracks by applying George Bradt’s Three A’s to create an exceptional employee onboarding experience with your LMS.

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Wisetail LMS events content about how Design Thinking can improve your LMS.

Design Thinking in Your LMS

Use the five steps of design thinking to create a human-centered approach to creative thinking and problem solving in your LMS.

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Wisetail LMS events content about how you can motivate users in your LMS.

Motivating Users in your LMS

Learn how to motivate your users by offering prizes and incentives in your LMS and continuing to recognize their achievements.

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Wisetail on the Road

Our Client Experience Reps hit the road a few times a year to meet our clients for a day of conversation, insight, and inspiration to fuel your workplace conversation around best practices.

Collaborate With Our Client Community

Visiting a handful of cities across the US for meet ups with our clients continues to be our favorite way to connect with our client community beyond the connect page or the screens of our video conferencing calls.

This immersive meet-up was created out of the intent to build trust, understanding and a sense of a shared mission – to provide the tools, insight and inspiration to impact workplaces.

Wisetail On the Road at a Glance


Collaborative Environment

A day to get out of the office and gain a new perspective, make new connections, and fine-tune your best practices


Facilitated Conversation

The Wisetail team focuses on key challenges that effect the community and share actionable, thoughtful solutions to walk away with


Break out the Qs

Break out sessions give you the opportunity to connect with experts inside (or maybe outside) your industry to find the answers to all your workplace specific questions


Industry Insights

Learn about the latest trends, gain insight from thought leaders, and see what product champions are doing. We love show and tells. 


Tips & Tools

Our team will help fine tune and explore ways to ensure you’re maximizing the LMS experience


Fuel Up

We like to learn and share over good eats – often from clients concepts in the area! You won’t go hungry during our time together. 

Meet the Team that Powers Wisetail

Award-winning software. Top-notch client experience. An ever-expanding community of clients. Meet the creative, competent, and passionate people of Wisetail.

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