LMS Content

We believe the best online learning experiences emerge at the intersection of an easy-to-use LMS which recognizes learners and eLearning content that encourages people to care. We truly love the creative process and the power of video storytelling, but it seems like no one in the LMS content industry has really addressed the root challenge of video learning: Why should I care? We believe people only learn when they care, and to truly get them invested you must tell them an authentic story. In Wisetail House Media, we’ve worked to create a growing library of original and curated eLearning content. We leverage the power of storytelling to deliver training and certification programs in leadership, customer service, wellness, and compliance as well as other areas.

Custom Content

We believe training content can truly come alive through original and authentic storytelling. Our philosophy for creating authentic training content is based on the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking and we work with our clients one-on-one to deliver meaningful and impactful videos. By following our proprietary process, the videos that emerge are unique to our clients and tell their brand, culture or story in an original and compelling way. We’re as passionate to tell stories about our clients stories as we are about telling our own.

Original Content

We have also seen the need for rich, engaging original eLearning content in many subjects ranging from customer service, leadership development, communication and more. By studying the eLearning market at large and listening to our clients we have identified a huge gap in the quality of the available online training content. By partnering with L&D leaders and content matter experts, we plan to bring more engaging training content which speaks directly to your team members through authentic storytelling. Partnering with authors like Joe Pine (The Experience Economy), we will create top-tier, off-the-shelf learning content available  in 2017.

Content Partners

While we firmly believe in original and custom content, we also realize there are gaps where pre-packaged training content is the best solution. For our clients experiencing this challenge, we’ve partnered with some of the leading institutions in the L&D industry to deliver mission-critical learning content in a variety of subjects.

Recent Content