In the Wisetail LMS, Blended Learning is a seamless, intuitive melding of online learning and instructor-based classroom training.

Wisetail LMS (Learning Management System) is the best LMS for restaurants, fitness, franchise, and retail.

LMS Blended Learning

The best software experience for learners, teachers and instructors is where they don’t notice the software. LMS blended learning functionality in our system is woven directly into our courses for a better, easier online learning experience.

Enhanced by Social Features

The ability for learners to interact with one another and listen to other’s questions is one of the strengths of in-person classroom training. Our social and communication functionality allows these discussions to continue online.

Assess Live. Track Online.

The challenge of accurately tracking a learner’s development that can only be evaluated in person through technical skills tests. Group participation is removed with Observation Checklists and instructor tools available on all mobile devices.

Blended learning functionality in Wisetail’s LMS weaves itself directly into courses. This creates a better, easier experience.
A screenshot of the Wisetail LMS blended learning.

We Approach Blended Learning Differently

For all of its advantages, blended learning can quickly become a complex and confusing experience for learners. That’s why our solution is as simplified as possible without sacrificing any core functionality.

Blended learning is the combination of live, traditional classroom-based training with online courses and assessments. This is usually accomplished in an LMS.

Our blended learning functionality, however, is not standard.

We developed our blended learning with feedback and insight from our clients. This results in an approach with a high level of empathy for users, admins and instructors.

Small group training sessions are now popular in restaurants, hotels, sales, retail and corporate environments. Our blended learning approach marries the best of in-person training with the best of eLearning. We capture live assessments and make them easily accessible and quantifiable on the learner’s online transcript. It closes the eLearning loop.

An iPad featuring the Wisetail LMS
A screenshot of the Wisetail LMS blended learning.

Blended Learning Features & Functionality

• Fully Integrated within Courses and Modules
• Observation Checklists
• Notifications
• Calendar Integration

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