Personalized Profiles
Comment, Like, and Share


Robust User Profiles

Each user has a profile where they can upload photos and send messages. These enhanced user profiles empower them to share their knowledge and mentor less experienced users.


Collaborative & Social Learning

Profiles are the core of learning communities. Users can comment and rate learning material. Active discussions create an environment in which trainees share their learning experiences with other learners.


Admin Functionality & Reporting

Admins can assign an unlimited amount of attributes to a user. This allows admins to create filters for content and reports which may be used to figure out what really benefits the learner.

The Wisetail Difference

Our enhanced user profiles help users feel like part of a learning community. The ability to upload content and interact with others cultivates a collaborative learning environment where learners are encouraged to talk and share information with one another.

Wisetail’s Enhanced LMS User Profiles

At our core, we aim to promote a culture of learning within your company. To make that possible, each user must have their own voice and identity. Empowering your users to create rich, in-depth profiles gives them a sense of ownership over their learning.

“We aspire to create a community where our team members are engaged & trained in a way that builds an extraordinary experience. Wisetail is central as we enter a new era of training, employee learning and ongoing efforts to communicate our core values to our team, communities and guests.”

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We’re a best-in-breed LMS. That means we seamlessly integrate with your other current HR systems. The best LMS is the one that creates a seamless experience.

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