Create rich, personalized public profiles with robust data on the backend for permissioning and enrollment.

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Robust User Profiles

Users can create a rich public profile where they can upload photos and send messages. The enhanced user profile lets users share lessons with their peers, and empowers them to become mentors within the organization.

Collaborative & Social Learning

Enhanced user profiles in the Wisetail LMS allow users to interact the same way they would on social media sites. Users can “like,” comment, and rate learning material. And they can submit photos, videos, and start conversations.

Admin Functionality & Reporting

Administrators can assign an unlimited amount of characteristics to an individual. This allows admins to filter content and reporting down to the finest details and figure out what really benefits the learner.

By incorporating social-media-like collaboration tools into our LMS, users are encouraged to collaborate and communicate with other learners.
Enhanced user profiles help online learners in the Wisetail LMS create robust profiles.

How Wisetail user profiles are different

Our enhanced user profiles are built with the most important stakeholder of any LMS in mind — the learner. We know today’s learners expect a user-friendly and modern feel in their training software. Wisetail empowers users to create rich, personalized profiles in our LMS. The enhanced user profiles help them feel like part of a larger learning community. Users can “like” and comment on learning courses. They can send each other individual messages, recognize a co-worker for a job well done, and ask questions of their fellow learners. All that combines to cultivate an open and collaborative learning environment where learners are encouraged to talk and share information between one another.

Enhanced user profiles help online learners in the Wisetail LMS create robust profiles.

Wisetail’s Enhanced LMS User Profiles

Our user-first approach to LMS user profiles is one of the essential building blocks of our LMS. At our core, we aim to promote a culture of learning within your company. To make that possible, each user must have their own voice and identity. Empowering your users to create rich, in-depth profiles also gives them a sense of ownership over their learning. It allows managers and administrators to get to know employees they might not interact with on a day-to-day basis. And the enhanced user profiles capture what your users learn and what they say about training — a powerful tool for gauging the impact of your L&D efforts.

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