Completely integrated gamification elements within the Wisetail LMS inspire competition and reward achievement for deeper learner engagement.

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Competition Drives Engagement

Everything someone does in Wisetail’s LMS can be given a point value. Our leaderboard shows which users engage the most.


Motivate your learners. Give them a reason to love their training.

Personal & Community Growth

Growing a community is key to learning. Wisetail’s LMS offers everything you need to drive engagement with online learning.


Reward your learners. Give them an incentive to grow.

LMS Gamification helps online learners in the Wisetail LMS.

How Our Approach to LMS Gamification Is Different

LMS gamification addresses one major challenge for any learning system. Motivating your learners. We know today’s learners are tech-savvy, sophisticated consumers of all things online. And with this in mind, we built our system with the user’s experience in mind.

We begin with a personal profile. Our system tracks everything someone does. We then associate achievements with that person. With profiles, users learn faces and names. And as a result, your community grows. Our LMS has built-in gamification tools. Points and badges reward users for their accomplishments. And the more they learn, the more they’re rewarded. You can customize your LMS gamification process to your learning strategy. This builds an experience unique to your company. We create an environment that incentivizes learners to engage with their learning.

LMS Gamification helps online learners in the Wisetail LMS.
LMS Gamification helps online learners in the Wisetail LMS.

LMS Gamification at a Glance

Gamification increases learner engagement and knowledge retention. By using  points, badges, leaderboards, and user profiles, trainers can create eLearning experiences that appeal to a learner’s desire to compete and achieve.

It’s a way of making learning competitive, but also fun.

Applying gamification principles to learning increases collaboration, foster greater learner independence, increase learner engagement, and promote healthy competition among employees.

Gamification Features & Functionality

User profile

Accumulate points for everything they do in the system.

Completing training

More activity = more points

Leaderboard functionality

Awards and badging

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