Great LMS Design creates a learning environment that aligns employees with your brand and empowers them to learn.

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LMS Design

Great design means the LMS is an extension of your organization’s brand. Learners are engaged because it looks, feels and sounds like your organization.

Higher Learner Engagement

Better LMS design leads to higher engagement. Your LMS encourages learners to interact with your eLearning content take a deep dive into their learning.

Easy to use Interface

Great design provides every learner with a clear, intuitive path to learning content, resources, communication and social collaboration.

Spend time learning, not learning how to use the LMS.
A screenshot of the custom branded LMS Wisetail

How is Our Approach to LMS Design Different?

We believe great LMS design improves how employees learn. Design has a huge influence on how people use and engage with any software, online tool, or piece of media – including an LMS. An LMS should look like an extension of your brand and not just another generic portal. Your LMS should create an environment where your learners can interact with your brand in the same way your customers do. Creating a design-centric learning environment that is easy to navigate and understand can increase your employee engagement and keep your learners coming back for more. Understanding how great design influences your learners engagement can give you powerful insight into how to make your LMS better.

A screenshot of the custom branded LMS Wisetail
A screenshot of the custom branded mobile Wisetail LMS.

Design in the Wisetail LMS

At Wisetail, all our clients receive a custom branded LMS that looks and feels like an extension of their brand. We put the user experience at the forefront of our design and always remain cognisant of how our clients use their LMS. With a fully branded and configurable LMS, our clients can create the learning environment that works best for their learning needs. We take design into account for every detail, from buttons to banners, in order to create an environment where learners feel empowered and welcome.

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