Mobile LMS means learning anytime, any device, anywhere.

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Mobile LMS | Full Capability

Our mobile LMS experience provides full functionality in the mobile browser. Users interact with the same learning content that they do on a desktop, and admins and trainers have full access to the back-end of the LMS.

Any and All Devices

A mobile responsive LMS has become essential to deliver learning. Our LMS scales if you’re on a smartphone, tablet or desktop and provides the same seamless functionality on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.

LMS Access On the Go

Our LMS is available on a mobile browser, meaning admins can create and edit courses, users can take modules and assessments, and trainers can assess skills and give feedback all from a smartphone or tablet.

A changing workforce means that today’s employees want to learn when and where they want.
Mobile LMS and responsive design in the Wisetail LMS for online learners.

Mobile and Responsive Design With Wisetail

Being able to access learning on the go is a top priority for many learners. Most modern LMSs have mobile and responsive capabilities within their LMS that allow them to be viewed on smartphone or tablets. A design built from the ground up with mobile compatibility in mind, however, is not a standard feature. The Wisetail LMS was built from the ground up to function seamlessly within the smaller screens of tablets and smartphones. With a focus on empathy for the users, Wisetail has designed our layout to look and feel modern and functional on a smaller screen. The LMS launches in a similar fashion as a native app, but all of the same functionality is retained within the mobile browser version.

Mobile LMS and responsive design in the Wisetail LMS for online learners.
Mobile LMS and responsive design in the Wisetail LMS for online learners.

Features and Functionality

• Retain a fully functional LMS using mobile devices.
• Simple and functional mobile layout
• Upload photos and video direct from your smartphone
• Photos and videos optimized to scale in mobile displays.
• Analytics, course/test creation, user profiles can all be accessed from a smartphone or tablet.
• Our mobile LMS functions within a browser.
• Has the ability for learners to access content on-the-go in just a few finger swipes.

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