A social learning environment where learners can discuss, converse, and collaborate to drive engagement.

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Social LMS | Increased Engagement

Wisetail’s built-in social LMS features empower learners to talk, comment, rate, explore learning, and openly collaborate with their colleagues.

Discuss, converse, collaborate

We’ve created an online environment where it’s as natural for learners to discuss, converse and collaborate with one another like they would in the workplace.

Community Growth

Learners are encouraged to share their knowledge through videos, photos, comments, and discussions through the social features woven throughout the Wisetail LMS.

A culture of learning can only happen when there is a way for learners to openly discuss and collaborate amongst themselves.

How are Wisetail’s Social LMS features different?

We believe social learning and collaboration within an LMS is one of the strongest tools in helping your users achieve their learning objectives. Today’s users have grown up in a world where they collaborate, like, and share content on social media and other networks. Over at Wisetail HQ, we see the use and utility of those social networks and weave social and communal aspects throughout the LMS to create a natural extension of social media in a professional setting — they aren’t just bolted on to check off boxes on a features list.

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Starting with a user’s profile, each learner within the system has their own identity, which includes a robust profile, personalized picture, and the ability to “like,” comment, rate, and converse within the LMS. Our LMS has social tools crafted throughout the system that allow conversations to happen organically within the learning process. Users can to share tips, best practices and experiences by submitting their own photos and videos, ensuring that knowledge is shared quickly and efficiently within an organization instead of becoming siloed in a specific place. Discussion boards allow ideas to flow freely between different parts of the organization.

For all of the benefits that a social LMS provides, we know there are concerns about it getting in the way of learning objectives, which is why administrators have the ability to toggle the social features on and off within modules and courses if they become distracting. The ability to delete comments that may detract from the conversation, and approve content when it is submitted ensures that administrators have complete control of what’s seen by users in the system.

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